Privacy Policy


This privacy policy outlines our treatment of personally identifiable information we collect on behalf of our sponsors and for our own use. There are two categories two categories of data processing in which D Promo is involved and collects such information to identify you as a participant and/or respondent to Sweepstakes Central USA “opt-in” promotions.

Sweepstakes Central USA ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ data processing  

Most of the times, D Promo offers the opportunity to ‘opt-in’ to receiving marketing information from D Promo and its partners/sponsors. In such events, an “opt-in” question will appear on the registration entry page clearly explaining to potential entrants that by checking the box the entrant will be agreeing to share their personally identifiable information with D Promo and D Promo’s (named) partners.

Such information may come from D Promo itself, companies with whom D Promo has a business relationship and/or D Promo (named) sponsors/partners. If you want to ‘opt-out’ of receiving such notices from D Promo after you have ‘opted-in’, or you wish to correct the information you have provided to D Promo, you are invited to do this via e-mail to [email protected]

Channel management  

When respondents ‘opt-in’ to receive information from D Promo, a respondent is agreeing to receive email and information via other channels from D Promo, including marketing, surveys, special offers and notices about other promotions. By ‘opting-in’ to the promotion you, as the respondent, consent to receive telephone calls for marketing purposes, also when you have provided your (mobile or landline) telephone number to a federal or state do-not-call register.


Data is stored and maintained in the course of providing our services. Your personal details are stored when you take out am entry to a (mobile) service or a newsletter, when you are a participant to a sweepstake or invited to join a game. Data is also processed in the course of providing our services by other companies in the group, sponsors and partners, when making available the prize to the winner, register an interest in one of our services, or contact us for some other reason. The personal information we hold includes information such as contact details, mobile phone number, opt-in data, opt-out data, new products/services and/or when you have registered an interest in our different sorts of services.

We use this information for the fulfillment and processing of agreements with you, to provide other services (by our subsidiaries and sponsors or partners), internal business processes and, to update customers of (new) products and services provided by us, other companies in the group or by sponsors and partners. Your (contact) details may also be passed to sponsors and partners in order to provide you with information about offers or other relevant information you consented to by participating by opting in to the service. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Use of data

In order to use our mobile services you are asked to pass through a (usually country specific) process. You are asked to specify a number of data, such as your name, address, postal code, residence, gender, mobile phone number, e-mail address and bank account number. These data are used to send you information in the course of providing our (requested) services and to be able to improve the performance with you, when appropriate. We also want to keep you up-to-date with new, different sorts of products and services and interesting offers.

Your mobile or landline telephone number

If you have specified your (mobile) telephone number this is used to communicate with you. When you have indicated to be interested, we also may use you (mobile) telephone number to keep you informed of (new) products and services. You can unsubscribe at any moment by clicking on the link in the text message which you receive on your mobile telephone or by indicating this to the agent who calls you.

Your e-mail address

 When you have specified your e-mail address and actively have indicated for instance to receive information for marketing purposes or other information, just by participating, then we can inform you (better) as a customer of different sorts of offers and sweepstakes. When you do not wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in the e-mail you received. You may also have given your consent to disclose your e-mail address to be sent offers and campaigns from from, and will be delivered by either or our mailing partner.

Viewing for correction

You view the data we maintain on you at any time. If such information is incorrect you can help us to correct these. To view or correct your data, you can send your request to the above mentioned address. Please contact us also at the above address if you have questions or any queries about how we handle personal information.

Preferences kind of products and services

Our aim is to take into account your preferences as much as possible. If you are not interested in information about (new) relevant products and services, then we ask you to let us know on the special unsubscribe page on the site. Note: our service is aimed at sharing information with you on preferences for different kinds of products and services. A total blocking of your data may lead to the not receiving information on offers and campaigns in which you probably may be interested in.

Database records

For the provision of our service we keep database records in order to have a robust control in place on our services (and our service providers). The purpose of this is to optimize the reliability of the service. The information derived from these data is used to prevent misuse of data and if necessary to comply with more detailed information queries from third parties on the basis of (self)regulation.

Browsing session and IP-address

We also make use of the IP-address of your computer. This IP-address is a number which automatically assigned to your computer when you have a browsing session on the internet, such as when you visit one of our sites or landing pages. They can be used to see which use has been made of the website and for drafting analyses and reports with non-identifiable information.


Due to the nature of the service and the trust which one must have in our service we have designed and implemented technical and organizational measures governing an adequate level of security and ensure compliance with these measures.


Sites which transmit advertisements are making use of cookies to keep count of which advertisements have been shown. These cookies are placed by the company which provides these advertisements. The only purpose of these cookies is to transmit the communication necessary to show the advertisement on the website or to provide the requested service after clicking the advertisement on the website. These ‘clicks’ give us information which is in the interests of statistical analysis on a non-identifiable level. You personal use cannot be derived from such use.


On this site you see a number of hyperlinks to other websites. We cannot be held responsible for the data processing activities by these organizations. Read the privacy policy, if present, of the site you are visiting.

By participating, you waive any right to sue D Promo or any marketing partner or other party sponsoring an offer on the site under any state or federal statute, rule, or regulation, including (but not limited to) the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), and rules established by the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission enforcing the TCPA, either individually or as a member of any class action. You agree to resolve any dispute that may arise out of or relate to the Sweepstakes between you and the Sponsor via binding arbitration, regardless of the type of claim or legal theory upon which it may be based. The sponsor shall have the sole right to select the arbitration service provider. Arbitration proceedings may take place via the Internet or telephonically in accordance with the rules of the chosen arbitration service provider. The law applicable to such arbitration shall be that of the party bringing the claim.


We reserve the right to make adjustments to this privacy policy. Important adjustments are made know on this site in the privacy policy.


If you wish to file a short notice or provide any comments on our privacy policy please contact us via [email protected] We will contact you to discuss any concerns within 48 hours of receiving your e-mail.

For a copy of these terms, you may print these from the site or download the terms by clicking here.

May 16, 2016